Voice User Interface

Voice is the Future

A Voice User interface or VUI is capable of capturing human speech with great accuracy. VUI is rapidly becoming one of the most booming hand-less interface through devices like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other VUI supporting devices. Technically it’s an advanced system that uses modern and innovative technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, to be operated purely through voice.

Voice is the Future

With the years experience in Voice User Interface designing, Modelling, training and optimization, MobiSprint provides enterprise grade solution and consultation in integrating VUI with Mobile Applications, Websites, Amazon Alexa, Google Home.

  • VUI design – Designing an efficient VUI requires deep understanding of Computer Science, Human Psychology, Speaking Patterns, Decision Making, and deep understanding of linguistics. MobiSprint develop features considering demographics, usability and historical data to reduce the development time and improve user experience.
  • Language Modelling – The central component of a VUI application is correct language modelling. At MobiSprint, our team of qualified  professionals takes proper care of the conception and design of your VUI application. In addition to this, we also lay emphasis on the reliable and efficient language interpretation as well as natural user experience.
  • Application Optimization – MobiSprint’s development team, structured in a responsive development process, works closely with language experts and ensures full transparency to our prospective clients and customers. Besides robust functionality, we at Mobisprint optimize VUI system for least response times and reaction.
  • Integration & Publishing – As a matter of fact, application development is a long process, and ongoing monitoring and analytics are imperative for a voice application to succeed. At MobiSprint, we employ continuous improvements based on the reports’ results in order to ensure an increase in user retention rates.
  • Voice User Interface for websites
  • Voice User Interface for Mobile apps
  • Voice User Interface for Amazon Alexa 
  • Voice User Interface for Google Home 

Coming up soon: Dial a VUI
As a part of this, we will enable end customers to dial a number from regular phone to connect to a Voice User Interface. This increases the reach of end user in terms of accessing the solution and not dependent on a device.

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