Industry Overview

Manufacturing is the major contributor to global business growth but now technology has been advanced and now it’s changing the way it was done before. Now smart industries require 74% less human interaction and run on its own by the help of skilled engineers and their efficient system integration with RPA, Data Science, PMS (Production Management System) and Artificial Intelligence.

Background & Challenge

Innovative Technologies

Digital enterprise transformation is imperative to the overall economy as well as the continuing health of individual manufacturers. Today, manufacturers have a huge chance of generating innovative products with the help of new efficiency and personalization levels. New digital skills and innovative technologies ranging from analytics to AI automation are transforming the working system of manufacturers. However, the guidance and management in the digital economy require smart factories, incorporated systems and advanced reporting interfaces.

Approach & Recommendations

Connect with our Advanced Practice

MobiSprint helps manufacturing businesses to develop smart, independent and distributed management software and solutions to cut down the cost, fasten the production, manage inventory efficiently and meet customer expectations in time.


Automation & Insights

  • Process Automation – Let be it a process which requires a set of human force to execute specific task OR a special process, MobiSprint can cut the manual work by more than 90% and improve the efficiency by 700% in a pie of the manual production cost.
  • Inventory Management – By the help of AI, Machine Learning and automation, the inventory management becomes simple Job. Our engineers build systems that can manage the whole inventory from ordering, processing and delivering. The system we build are smart to detect issues the moment they occur and recommend the best solutions possible in a list.
  • Advanced Reporting – Reporting can be one of the biggest challenge where every part of the manufacturing has some process and it produces some technical data. With the help of our highly experienced design engineers, the reporting can be seen in segments with highly personalised user interfaces.
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